Ready for a Road Trip

My six-year-old daughter and I have this little game we play on road trips. We go through the alphabet and find each letter on a road sign. Problem is: my daughter is getting too good at it. I needed a new way to challenge her. When I got my package of Scooter's Vacation goodies from Imaginisce, I knew there was a golden idea here, if only I could find the time to execute it. And I finally did!

Introducing...Road Trip Bingo!

Now, in addition to spotting letters, she has to spot things like airplanes, dogs, restaurants, boats, etc. And she has to get them in a row of five to win. That should keep her busy, huh?

It was actually a really easy project. I started with a magnetic dry erase board from Wal-Mart, covered it with Kraft cardstock, then used my square punch to make the squares. I cut the letters on my Cricut (except for the title...that's Quickutz). And I used the i-Top with the new magnet daddies to create the markers. I love that the whole thing is magnetic so the pieces will stay in place, no matter how crazy my driving is.

The only question left is: what's the prize for getting a BINGO? Guess I need to work on that.

BUT...while I'm talking prizes, there's just a few days left to submit your layout for the February Sketch on the Imaginisce blog. You can win your very own i-Top bundle (and you SO need one!) or a $75 prize package. The deadline is Thursday, February 25, so get yours in!


Tracy said...

I love road trips.
I used to play games like this with my dughters when they were younger as well.

Lora Oliver said...

This absolutely adorable! I love Scooter's Vacation and this project is top notch. Maybe as a prize, you can allow your daughter to pick the next CD or radio station to listen to for a certain time. Super cute, Robyn!

Aphra said...

Just had to say it again....this project is AMAZING!!!

Jillian said...

Scooter's Vacation is absolute cuteness, and this travel bingo game is perfect!!! Love it!

Michele said...

ohh, that is so cute!

Melissa said...

What a great game and that is a great little playing board. I have to steal this idea!!

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