Happy days are hard work

So...let's be honest. Not every day is a happy day in my house. In fact, some (most?) days are a combination of love and messiness and chaos. But then it all comes together in the triumph of getting everyone around the dinner table -- only to find that we're all too tired to talk to each other. Yeah, that's kind of my life.

But sometimes you stop and take a breath and you realize that even your messiest and most chaotic days are sort of beautiful. Or you find little moments of sweetness mixed in with the eye-rolls and heaps of laundry and sibling rivalry. I'm learning to embrace those moments.

They'll be gone before I know it.

Just like this girl, who is growing up way too fast. But she's learning the same lessons -- to hang onto those awesome moments of light and clarity when they happen. And if that's all she learns from her mama...well, I guess I haven't totally failed.

Yes, I still make stuff :)

For anyone who still visits this blog, bless your sweet little heart. I haven't posted in ages. I've thought about it. People have encouraged me to do it. But life gets busy...and stays busy.

I've never stopped playing in my craft room. And yes, there is still a craft room. Still filled with supplies and inspiration. Still my favorite place to escape for a few hours (when I have them).

My current obsession is bible journaling. (Me and everyone else in the scrapbooking world, apparently.) Hello, Bandwagon! Why, sure, I'll jump right on!

It works for me for so many reasons, but the main one is: it reminds me to stop and think. Finding a verse that speaks to whatever I happen to be struggling with, then turning it into art -- well, that's just about the most perfect way to relax in the history of EVER!

Here are a few of my favorite pages:

I'm pretty compulsive about not covering up the words. But I'm finding all these wonderful transparent chalks and watercolors that don't obscure anything, so once in a while I'll experiment a little like this:

And here's the front of my bible. I gave it some personality...but not too much. (As in: not so much that the old lady sitting next to me in church will need to pray extra for me.)

And that concludes my show and tell for today. I'll try not to wait quite so long before the next one. Stay tuned!