Happy Harvest...the reveal

Hope you've been following along with this week's Happy Harvest release party on the Imaginisce blog. I've been waiting all week to share the projects I did with the new collection. So without further ado...

I added in a little square of bookprint canvas (I love that stuff), but all of the other supplies are from the Imaginisce Happy Harvest collection. The colors in this collection are so warm and rich -- almost like fabrics. And I love this little owl guy.

In fact, I loved him so much, I made him into an i-top brad.

And one more layout...

I have so many different photos that would work with the "Simple Joys" title, but I loved the colors in this photo and seeing the girls in that golf cart always makes me smile.I used the i-rock with some of the metal glam studs to embellish the die-cut title.

I did some hand-stitching around this panel to give it some contrast from the others, and I hand-cut this little flag to balance it.

Be sure to visit the Imaginisce blog today and leave a comment there for your chance to win this beautiful new collection before you can buy it!

A moment like this

Today didn't go at all as I'd planned. I'd nearly chalked it up to an epic fail, until something happened that made it even better than the original plan.

The background: Avery didn't get to go to Girl Scout camp today. It was mostly my fault, and I've done my share of shedding tears and beating myself up over it. But in my attempt to make it up to her, I promised her an afternoon of Scrapbook Camp. She's been asking me for a "scrapbook class" for months now and I've always said "Yes, we will do that...someday." It's not that I didn't want to, but there was always something else that I was doing that I thought was more important.

So today, in my cloud of guilt and self-loathing, I said "Hey, I know. Let's have that scrapbook class you wanted me to teach. We'll call it Scrapbook Camp." And she agreed...happily.

She made an awesome little mini book from an old kit I had lying around. We used the Big Shot and the Bind-It-All, and it was really coming together. Then I threw her a curve. I asked her if she wanted to learn what made a page beautiful, and of course, she said yes. So I started trying to explain the "visual triangle." Admittedly, she's 7 and I don't expect her to be Ali Edwards, but she's pretty bright and she knows what a triangle is. At first, she kind of nodded and rolled her eyes. I left her to her work and turned around to check my email. A few minutes later, she said "Look Mommy, I made a triangle" and she showed me this page:

The flower in the photo, the bow (that she painstakingly tied), the button for a pop of color. She totally got it.

But that's not the best part of the story. The rest goes something like this:

Avery: Do you make triangles on your pages?

Me: Yes, would you like to see some?

Avery: Sure.

I pull out a page I made the weekend before and show her the triangles. Then I pull out this page that was on top of my "unfiled" stack because it just came back from the publisher:

I'm pointing out the brads and the butterflies and trying to show her the visual triangles, and she starts reading the journaling:

"I've learned...
...what you have is not nearly as important as who you're sharing it with
...it's okay to make mistakes, but you'd better be willing to fix them
...if you don't pursue your passion, you'll never know how great you could've been
...the smartest people spend more time listening than talking
...it's better to sing off-key than to not sing at all
...you don't have to be Superwoman to be a super woman"

Avery: I think you're Superwoman.

Me: (tears rolling down my face) Then that's all that matters.

Though I wrote those words well over a year ago, I really needed to hear them again today.

My daughter rocks.

(Even though she's going to be a much better scrapbooker than I am.)

Giveaway winner and a new release!

Two posts in one day...call Ripley! There was just too much news today to share in one post, so you're getting two for the price of one.

For those who entered my giveaway on Tuesday on this post, we now have a winner!

Congratulations, Silvia! I have a beautiful box of Imaginisce goodies packed up and ready to ship to you! Email me at robmab at yahoo dot com with your address.

And for those who entered the giveaway on Wednesday's "Stylin'" post, the winner was announced yesterday on the Imaginisce blog.

Speaking of the Imaginisce blog, be sure to check out the release party for Happy Harvest that's happening throughout the week.

I will be posting my projects on Thursday, but here's a little sneak (shhhh!).

Thanks for stopping by (twice)!

Life is funny

Sometimes the things you need the most -- things that you'd never ask for or maybe even realize that you need -- the universe magically delivers to you. It's a mystifyingly beautiful thing.

Sometimes these things you need are not even things -- just words, reassurances, validation. You don't ask for them, but deep down, your soul is wishing and hoping they'll come along.

And they do. Usually right at the moment you need it most and often in the most unexpected fashion.

Case in point, a few projects that I submitted for publication a LONG time ago (we're talking this time last year) finally made it into print. I had all but given up on this first one.

Let me just say, I never in a million years thought I would be published in this mag:

And I never in a GAZILLION years expected to get the full back page:

But wait, there's more. Scrapbooks Etc. liked my project so much that they made it into a kit that they are now selling in "The SBE Shop" so that anyone can make it. Whaaaat?

Blown away. Complete disbelief. Every time I pass one of these magazines on a store shelf, I have to open it to the back page and make sure that's still me in there. Yeah, I'm a dork.

A few days after this mag hit my mailbox, I received a box containing this Memory Makers book that I submitted to last spring:

They picked up two of of my layouts:

The photo on this one turned out a little dark...

This is such a wonderful book -- literally HUNDREDS of pages in varying styles. It's a great source of inspiration. I've seen it at Hobby Lobby, but you can also order it on Amazon.

I will be posting the winner of last Tuesday's giveaway (the one from the gift wrapping post) later today, so check back this afternoon!


Welcome to those of you who hopped over from the Imaginisce blog for our fashion accessories "mini hop" today. I've included all the details of the hop (including the giveaway!) at the end of this post, so keep on reading.

Honestly, it's a good thing I have girls. I need ruffles and frills in my life, and I'm clinging to these days when they still like (and wear!) the things I make for them. I know it's just a matter of time before my creations aren't cool enough.

Both my girls recently informed me that they're growing their hair "long." Thank goodness for headbands because this "grow out" phase is not-so-cute at the moment.

Using my i-Top twist daddies and headbands (along with some fabric scraps and flowers), I came up with this:

It's a fun and easy way to use fabric scraps and create a one-of-a-kind hair accessory. Here's how to create your own.

Start by cutting a fabric scrap to about 2" wide and about 22" long.

With a needle and thread, stitch loosely along the bottom edge of the fabric. My stitches are about 1/2" each, but you can make them shorter or longer, depending on how you want your ruffle flower to look.

When you reach the end, pull the thread tight to gather the fabric into a ruffle and sew together at the middle to create the round flower shape.

Next choose some flowers to layer on top. I used two brown tulle flowers and two ivory sheer flowers from the Fashion Fabric Flowers Neutrals.

Stack everything together. I added a tiny dab of glue between each layer because I know how rough my daughters are with headbands, but it's not necessary.

Cut a 2" circle from the remaining fabric scrap (or you could use a coordinating fabric if you like) and use your i-Top to cover a medium i-Top twist daddy.

Choose one of the i-Top headbands to match your fabric and use your i-Top twist daddy to fasten your layered flower to the headband.

And there you have it!

Another look at my "model" to prove that she CAN smile. (But I did have to pay her. Diva.)

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. Don't forget to leave a comment here AND on the Imaginisce blog and the other two participating designers' blogs leaving a comment on each along the way.

All of your comments make you eligible to win your very own
i-top and fashion accessory bundle!

Today's mini hop includes:
Imaginisce blog
Robyn Schaub <<<----you are here
Marielle Leblanc <<<----go here next
Erin Bassett

Have fun! And be inspired!

It's always better to give... (hint, hint)

...than to receive. Especially when your gift is as cute and fun as these...

Want to see more? Head over to the Imaginisce blog for more photos and info. But first, be sure to leave a comment here because...you guessed it:


In honor of my day of hogging the Imaginisce blog, I'm giving away an Imaginisce prize pack, including papers, embellishments and Roly Rosies. To be eligible, you must leave a comment here AND on today's post on the Imaginisce blog.

Closing out some kits

There's a whole lot of purging going on...in my scrap room, that is. And it's beginning to look almost inhabitable again. Okay, actually, it looks better than inhabitable. But you'll have to wait a few more weeks for the grand unveiling!

I've also been working on a lot of new projects, which you'll be seeing over the next few days on the Imaginisce blog. A bit of a departure from my normal stuff, so stay tuned.

I don't think I ever shared the layouts from my classes at the Great American Scrapbook Convention. My class was called "Top It and Rock It: Adding the Wow Factor" because we used the i-Top and the i-Rock tools from Imaginisce on both layouts.

Both classes use the Garden Party collection from Imaginisce, which is pretty much sold out everywhere at this point (but see below if you want to get your hands on some!). We also played with the Pop-Up Posies and Roly Rosies, which were a big hit with everyone.

Everyone loved how easily this layout came together...

And the ribbon flowers are much easier than they look:

I'm selling the few remaining class kits on Etsy if you're interested. They come with full-color, step-by-step instructions and I'll even include some modification suggestions in case you don't have an i-Top or i-Rock yet.

And since I've been asked a lot lately about where you can buy these tools, they are available at Michael's stores (and you can use a coupon!) and online at Oh My Crafts (which has some great bundle packages for i-Top and i-Rock).

I'm not affiliated with either of those options. Just passing along the info.

Thanks for stopping by!

I am who I am

I've debated whether or not to post this. I like to keep the blog upbeat and positive. But I've learned over the years that there's a fine line between constant positivity and B.S. No one's life is perfect. No one gets everything they want every time. Life is about celebrations AND disappointments and learning lessons along the way.

From http://walkingonseashells.tumblr.com

I did not make the Kaisercraft design team. It was disappointing. While I'm very proud to have made it to the Top 25, obviously I wasn't what they were looking for. And after seeing the entries of those who were selected for the final team, I can see why. That's not my style. I was trying to make my style fit their product, and it just wasn't going to happen. I should've known when I received the product they wanted me to use for my final entries...it's not something I would've ever chosen to create with.

It started me thinking about what my "style" really is. I've never really been able to describe it because it seems to change all the time. Sometimes it's influenced by other scrappers, by the product I'm working with, by what I've seen in a magazine -- it's constantly evolving.

I looked back at the layouts I did early on, before I started the whole publication and design team pursuit. They're much cleaner and simpler than what I do now. I miss that. It was much faster...much less pressure...much more "me."

One thing I say a lot is: I am who I am...take it or leave it. I'm honest (probably to a fault) and opinionated and outspoken. I'm easily distracted, impulsive and moody. I'm most definitely NOT a perfect mother or wife or employee or volunteer. And I'm okay with that. Because the people who matter don't mind, and the ones who mind don't matter.

And that's the attitude I need to have about crafting/scrapbooking/etc. I need to be true to me and to my style -- whatever that is. If I inspire someone along the way, that's fabulous. But the reason I started doing this (and the reason I will keep doing it) is because I love what I create. It makes me happy. And that's enough.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll leave you with one of the projects I created for my Kaisercraft entry, using their new "Velvet" line. It's nice, but it's not "me."

I do really love the flower I created using a strip of black lace and a Gluber.

I doubt this layout will ever be in my scrapbook...I think I can do something with this photo that I'll love much more. Maybe something simple...

98 degrees...

...and I'm not talking about my favorite boy band. It's definitely summertime. Time for tank tops and seeking out that last bit of shade wherever you can find it.

Here are a couple of summery projects I did for the May issue of Scrapstreet, featuring SRM Stickers:

I used the For the Record collection from Echo Park, which worked perfectly with these photos of Cecily planting her geraniums.

Next up is a card I gave to a sweet friend of mine.

That strawberry sticker makes me crave chocolate. But honestly, I pretty much crave chocolate all the time anyway. It's not the sticker's fault.

In other news, I had a great time over the weekend at the Great American Scrapbook Convention. I go every year with my friend, Jenn, and it's always a fun day of shopping and classes. But this was my first year to actually teach a class -- definitely a different experience, but a fun one. Thanks to the 40 people who took my class this year. Hopefully you enjoyed it and learned some techniques you'll use on future projects. And a special shout out to Imaginisce for sponsoring my class and loaning me i-Tops, i-Rocks, Petal Rollers and i-Bonds for my students to play with. Do I really have to ship them all back? (Just kidding...they're on their way. Promise!)

I did manage to take one class this year, and it was a great one: a Postage Stamp Collage taught by Jenni Bowlin herself. I loved meeting Jenni -- she is as sweet and down-to-earth as I imagined -- and I bought a ton of fun stuff at her booth, including this fabulous stamp:

And this one, which we used in the class:

I also fell in love with the ink pads and paint dabbers, so I picked up a few of those.

Epiphany Crafts
was there, too, and the booth was hoppin'! It was fun meeting Cathi (who I've known via email and Facebook for the past two months), and she was kind enough to give me a couple of new tools to play with. Love working with Epiphany!

Next project: a major purge of my scrap room with a little reorganizing. It's definitely time.

Reasons I'm Extra Happy Today

1) It's Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. And I'm only working a half-day on Friday because...

2) I am teaching at GASC on Friday and Saturday

3) And shopping at GASC on Friday and Saturday (cha-ching!)

4) The Little Yellow Bicycle layout I posted on Monday was one of the three winners of the LYB
challenge at 2Peas. Woot woot!! Check it out here.

5) I finished my layout for the Imaginisce June challenge on time.

There are bits of Splash Dance, Happy Camper and Berrylicious all mixed together on this layout. Plus a Spellbinders die-cut that I sliced in half to go along each side.

It's a fun challenge...so many ways you could go with it. You have until June 25th to play along and create your own entry to win a prize pack valued at $75, so check out all the details and enter here.

I'll be back on Sunday with a recap from GASC. In the meantime, enjoy what's left of the short week!


I've never been much of a jewelry-maker -- my man-hands don't work well with tiny jump rings and itty bitty beads. But I received some charm settings from Epiphany Crafts and they were calling to me.

I dug out some scraps from Echo Park's Be Mine and the sticker sheet from For the Record, and soon, I had repurposed an old charm bracelet into something fun and new:

I liked it so much, I decided to make some matching earrings. I found a "Fancy Earring Findings Set" at Joann (on sale this weekend!), so all I had to do was put a jump ring onto the charm and slide it onto the hook.

Silly me...I showed them to my mom and she decided to keep them. Guess I'll be making another pair!

Thanks for stopping by!