It's a Birthday Bash!

It's July, and someone is having a birthday this month. Any guesses? Oh wait...just remembered that I stopped having birthdays somewhere around the 29-mark. (But I still accept presents...I'm not stupid.)

In honor of my birthday month, Imaginisce released a birthday-themed line! Wasn't that cool of them? Well, okay. It was sort of coincidental. But I appreciate it just the same. And this week, they're doing the official "release party" -- so what better time to show off the projects I've been working on!

Since my birthday is a few weeks away, I decided to use this oh-so-cute line on the photos from my 4-year-old's birthday party. Let's face it: they're a lot cuter than any photos of my birthday festivities will be.

Notice the subtle i-rock bling on the letters? It's my "go-to" tool every time I need that last little bit of oomph on a layout.

And the red glossy cardstock I used on the die-cut letters? It's the backing that came with the rub-ons. I love it more than any piece of chipboard or cardstock I had in my stash. And I'm saving the planet, right?

And this one features one of my all-time favorite pics...blowing out the candles on those same yummy cupcakes...

After seeing the handmade banners all over scrappy-land this year, it's kinda fun to have some pre-made versions. Imaginisce calls them "paper ribbon."

Check back tomorrow for more Birthday Bash projects. Because the best parties are the ones that keep on going, right?

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Shemaine Smith said...

What a great layout my friend!!

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