Our Epic Christmas

And we are back! The cruise was fantastic, and we really enjoyed the time with our family. There were some rough seas on a few of the nights, but overall, we had great weather -- much better than what we returned home to.

But I know what you're really interested in are the photos. So without further ado...

Gigi and Avery waiting to board at the Port of Miami

Trying out the cool light-up dance floor in the Kids Club

First peek at our cabin, complete with decorations...

...cake and a bottle of wine!! Thanks Dad and Jan!!

The cabin was a bit small, but thank goodness for the EXTRA large balcony!! I spent a lot of time out here.

The ship was beautiful...very glitzy! The first day when we were getting into the elevator, Avery asked "Why is everything so fancy?" and I replied "'cause that's how we roll, babe!"

First stop: St. Maarten. Check out the size of our ship (on the right) compared to the one next to it. It was kind of embarrassing.

Oh how I love this photo. My beach babes!

A view from the water taxi dock in Phillipsburg

Meeting "Prince Charming" from the Cirque Dreams dinner show

Next stop: St. Thomas, where we took the ferry over to St. John. We planned to go to Trunk Bay, but the surf was too rough that day, so we had to settle for Caneel Bay...not such a bad trade-off, I guess.

Cecily didn't mind a bit because there was plenty of sand at Caneel

Closest we got to a snowman this year...but he turned out looking more like a snowbird -- oops

Family Karaoke in the Bliss Lounge. And oh yes, we sang!

Avery's favorite part of the ship? The pool. Of course.

She's Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer! (sing it with me, moms!)

One step closer to my Professional Segway Rider certification (Nassau, Bahamas in background)


In the Ice Bar -- this photo really says it all. BRRRR! Everything in there is actually made of ice, including the chairs and the bar itself. Unfortunately, they don't serve coffee or hot chocolate, so we didn't stay long.

And then it was back to the real world. But it was fun while it lasted, and I can't wait to do it again. Hope you enjoyed the recap!


Sophia said...

Awesome photos, looks like it was great fun...

Liz said...

We missed you! Glad you had a great trip and just wanted to let you know how psyched I am that you are on for another year at Imaginisce. I just couldn't Imaginisce the Make N Takes without you :) Looking forward to seeing you again in January :)

Marielle said...

looks like you had a blast !! TFS!

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