A great escape

A piece of advice: when your kitchen is a dirty, empty shell of a room awaiting renovations, the best possible thing you can do is get out of town! Bonus points if you can work out a way to do your favorite thing while you're away.

Several months ago, I was invited to a craft retreat for this weekend and, not having any idea what stage our renovation would be in, I accepted. Fast forward to August 9. As I was packing my bags to leave my construction-in-progress house, I thought: could we have timed this any better?

I'm kind of amazed at all the pages/projects I've gotten done, all while enjoying home-cooked meals and a snack table that's overflowing with all the treats I never allow myself to eat. Yeah. It's heaven.

My count for the weekend:
  • 9 scrapbook pages (probably more like 11 by the time I leave today)
  • 1 mini book
  • 1 altered clipboard
I won't share my calorie count. Besides, I lost count of that somewhere around 6:30 p.m. on Friday. Oops.

So I'll be sharing photos of the project I created over the next week, but for today, here's another peek of one of my projects with the new Front Porch Kit that will be released on Tuesday.

Be sure to visit the Little Blue House blog where you can see more sneak peeks of the kit as we count down to the full reveal on Tuesday, Aug. 13. You can also enter to win a FREE kit by commenting on the sneak posts there!


Linda Hahn said...

Is that a poker chip I see? Your sneaky peek looks very interesting!!

DeeDee said...

Very cute! :)

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