Happy days are hard work

So...let's be honest. Not every day is a happy day in my house. In fact, some (most?) days are a combination of love and messiness and chaos. But then it all comes together in the triumph of getting everyone around the dinner table -- only to find that we're all too tired to talk to each other. Yeah, that's kind of my life.

But sometimes you stop and take a breath and you realize that even your messiest and most chaotic days are sort of beautiful. Or you find little moments of sweetness mixed in with the eye-rolls and heaps of laundry and sibling rivalry. I'm learning to embrace those moments.

They'll be gone before I know it.

Just like this girl, who is growing up way too fast. But she's learning the same lessons -- to hang onto those awesome moments of light and clarity when they happen. And if that's all she learns from her mama...well, I guess I haven't totally failed.

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