It's a Drive-By Fruiting!

Okay, the title really has nothing to do with the layout I'm about to post, but I couldn't resist one of my favorite movie lines of all time. It's from Mrs. Doubtfire (not my favorite movie...just happens to have a really great line).

So even though there were no fruits harmed in the making of this layout, this post is kind of a "drive-by" because I don't have much time today. In my quest to be the ultimate mom-type, I'm on my way to a PTA board meeting. However, on my quest to be the greatest scrapbooker the world has ever known, I didn't want to break my everyday posting streak. Fortunately, I can find time for both...but only if I leave the house in the next two minutes.

I did this layout yesterday using my Scarlet Lime kit from June. Wasn't wild about these papers at first (except for the die-cut flower papers, which is TO DIE FOR!), but they are growing on me.

Gotta run (literally)!

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Tere said...

hey Robin, happy belated birthday!!!
Love the layout, I'm so into butterflies!!!

come and check my blog, there is a message for you!

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