TGIF! Let's hit the pool!

For the past two months, our Friday night "tradition" has been coming home from work, putting on our swimsuits and heading to the pool for some splash time. And maybe, once in a while, I've been known to have a margarita or two. It's a great start to the weekend and reinforces my theory that, when you do something out of the house on Friday night, it makes the weekend seem longer.

Here's the layout I did from photos taken at last Friday night's pool outing. We invited some friends to join us , which explains the extra kiddos in the photo. (Thankfully, I did not give birth or adopt any more kids. Two is plenty!)

I really love this "smiley sun guy" from the Cosmo Cricket Snorkel papers.

I'd love to stay and blog more, but it's time to get my swimsuit on! Happy Friday, everyone!

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