Pretty paper

Have I mentioned before that I love paper? Notebook paper, construction paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper, gift wrap...I even prefer coffee cups that are made out of paper (with a cardboard insulated wrapper, please). So I guess it's no surprise that I own way too much of the stuff. And sometimes, when it's particularly pretty, I don't really want to cut it up.

But that's what it's for.

And so, eventually, I find that perfect photo -- that story I really want to tell. And it hits me: I have the PERFECT paper for that!

Then it all starts to come together. The journaling, the title, the embellishments...

And I stand back and think to myself: I am SO glad I saved that paper.


Kathy Martin said...

Beautiful page and a terrific design! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout...I am exactly the same way about paper, glad to know I'm not alone, so many people just don't get it

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