Over the past few years, I've probably read somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand children's books. But I'd never written one...until yesterday.

As I was deciding what to make with Dino-Roar goodies from Imaginisce, I began to realize that it might be fun to turn them into a story, with the embellishments forming the illustrations. And here's the result:

Disclaimer: This is not historically or scientifically accurate and won't win the Newberry Medal, but my kids love it, and that's all that really matters, right?

Prehistoric Pals by Robyn Schaub

For Avery and Cecily, my fellow Dino-lovers ~Mom
Once upon a time, 65 million years ago, in a wild prehistoric jungle, there lived two dinosaurs...

A tyrannosaurus named T-Rex was a meat eater and loved hunting for dinosaurs
A brachiosaurus named Dino was a plant eater and loved to explore the jungle in search of leaves.

Though Dino and T-Rex were very different , one thing was the same...
They were both very lonely

One day, Dino and T-Rex found themselves in the same patch of the jungle. Dino was a little scared but he didn't run away.
"Are you going to eat me?" Dino asked?
"Of course not!" replied T-Rex.

"I just want to be your friend," said T-Rex.
"Really? asked Dino. "But you're a meat eater!"
"There is plenty for me to eat in the jungle," explained T-Rex.
"What I really need is a friend!"

Dino was so happy, he let out a great roar. RAWR!
The two pals set off along the jungle path, happily knowing the would never again be lonely.

Thanks for joining me for storytime today. And now, we'll return to our regular programming. :)


Tami said...

So cute, Robyn!!!!

Peg said...

I love it and want a copy. You are soooooooooooo talented.

Bree said...

I love the story and the actual book. So cute!

tallulah1 said...

Thats awesome !

Sandy Davis said...

This is such an awesome project, I love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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