Cecily always inspires me with her fashion choices. She's not afraid to mix plaids and stripes and polka dots. She'll fearlessly pair an orange top with a green skirt and pink leggings and, somehow, it just works. Granted, she's 5, but I really love her fashion sense.

Over the past few years, I've become more courageous in mixing patterns and colors, and I think my crafty ventures are a big part of it. It's much easier to take a risk with sheets of paper that cost less than $1 than with articles of clothing or yards of designer fabric. Another plus is that some of the really smart paper manufacturers -- like Doodlebug Designs -- make supplies that color-coordinate. So you can mix fearlessly, just like Cecily.

Here are some very colorful projects I created with the Nifty Notions collection from Doodlebug Designs.

Appropriately enough, this photo was taken outside the Dallas Museum of Art. That mosaic just screams "take my photo!"

I didn't have letter stickers in all the colors I needed, so I whipped out my acrylic paint and altered a few white stickers to the colors I needed.

I made this monogram card using a letter sticker. I'm not quite sure who I'm going to give it to, but the great thing is that I can change the monogram by changing out the sticker and the person will think I made it just for them. Shhh...

And finally a mini album that holds some of my very favorite photos taken this summer. I've gotten into a habit of doing these "favorites" books, and they're always the first thing my friends and family members pick up when they come into my room.

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Michelle said...

Absolutely stunning submissions!!! Best wishes on making the DB DT! :)

Pamela said...

These are fantastic girl! Good luck! Hope to see your name on the list! :)

adele holcomb said...

Love the way you did the "colorful" title. And the decorated envelope makes the monogram card even more special. Great work as always!

VirgĂ­nia Vilela said...

lindo, muito lindo!

Aphra said...

Fabulous projects, Robyn!!!

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