One little word

It's about that time. Time to say goodbye to 2011 and make a bunch of resolutions for 2012 that I probably won't keep. My resolutions are usually the same every year:

Lose weight. Exercise. Spend less money.

I usually fail on every single one of them.
This year, I'm going for something simpler: One Little Word.

It's a popular trend for scrapbookers these days to come up with One Little Word that will be their goal or an area of focus or a guide for their actions in the new year. You can read Ali Edwards' take on it here.

One word sounds a whole lot easier and less threatening than my usual resolutions, so I'm jumping on the  bandwagon.

Here's my word:

That means getting rid of negative energy and replacing it with thoughts of all the good and wonderful things in my life. Not dwelling on what I didn't get or do or say. Letting go of disappointments and mistakes and what could've or should've been. Choosing laughter over worry and stress. Looking at the beauty in things rather than analyzing the flaws.

That is my goal for 2012.

And if I lose weight or start exercising, that'll be a bonus.

What's your one little word?

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Kathleen said...

Love it! I'll have to think about a word. I would like to note that you did lose weight and look fantastic!

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