Love Is in the air

Have you spied all the heart-shaped chocolate boxes and bouquets of roses that are popping up at every grocery store, drugstore and gas station this week? Guess that's our not-so-subtle reminder that Valentines Day is approaching.

At least this holiday has a fun color scheme for decorating. Red, pink, black and white are pretty fun to play with, so I created this little banner for a feature on the Epiphany Crafts blog this week.


I used square coasters, turned to become diamond shapes. At the bottom was a perfect spot to hang a charm. Just a few jump rings, hooked to a die-cut circle, then an Epiphany Crafts Heart 25 on top.


I used the Love Me collection from My Minds Eye -- beautiful doily prints and vintage themes with pinks, reds, gray and pale blue.


You may have noticed my blog got a bit of a makeover. I was ready for a fresh look. What do you think?


Katie said...

What a great banner! I love the charms you used along the bottom!

Karen G. said...

I love your new blog pic! Very cute!

Court said...

LOVELY banner my friend! ANd I love the blog lift! It's so simple yet fabulous!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

I love this! How fun turning squares on their sides and the added "jewels" hanging down!

Kathleen said...

awesome as always :)

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