In the background

I think I'm evolving. Not in the Darwin kind of way, but in the scrapbooker kind of way. I notice little things I do differently on my pages. For example, I've started to gravitate toward patterned backgrounds instead of plain cardstock. And even when I start with plain cardstock as a base, I have this innate need to do something to it -- mist it, stamp it, rough it up a bit -- before the layers start going down.

Case in point:

I started with french vanilla cardstock as a base, but I wanted a subtle background. So I used Versamark ink to stamp the medallion image as border for the rest of the elements.

It's subtle...maybe a little too subtle because it's hard to see in the photos. This is one that looks a lot prettier in real life.

In other news, I found out this morning that my layout "She" is featured on the Ormolu blog today! Check it out here.


Court said...

This is SOOOO pretty Robyn!!! Truly gorgeous.

Tracy said...

Your layout is gorgeous.

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