Simply fabulous

Sometimes I think (okay, I know) I don't give my kids enough credit. Especially Cecily. As the second-born, she's subject to all sorts of comparisons to her older sister. It's usually unintentional. I don't mean to compare them, but it sneaks into my mind and I feel so guilty for it. They are two completely different children. I want to celebrate their differences, not compare them.

Supplies: Ruby Rock-It patterned paper and chipboard, Epiphany Crafts
felt flowers and Round 14 shapes, My Little Shoebox alphabet stickers,
October Afternoon mini alpha

This layout celebrates the Cecily I know and love. I jotted down five examples of what makes her amazing and unique -- little things that I think are simply fabulous and so completely Cecily. There are many more examples, but I will save them for another day and another layout.

And I will keep reminding myself that there is nothing that can compare to her.

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Katie said...

Beautiful layout! I love the papers and colors you've chosen, and the row of hearts!

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