Just playing with paper...

One of the things I love (and hate) about the new house is that my scraproom is adjacent to the upstairs TV area. In some ways, it's nice not to be isolated and to have the occasional visit from one of the girls asking "whatcha doin?" (To which I always reply "just playin' with paper" -- I'm not even sure why they ask any more.) But on the downside, I'm having to learn to drown out the sounds of Good Luck Charlie and Jessie. (Lucky me, I think I know all the words to BOTH of those theme songs!)

So I've been slowly finding some time to catch my breath and take on some projects for fun. Here's a layout I did for the guest designer contest with My Mind's Eye and Gossamer Blue.

Photos were captured in the above-mentioned TV area as my girls were performing their own original show, "The Razzle Dazzle." Yeah, they watch a lot of Disney Channel.

My hope is that when they become big Disney Channel stars with their own shows, I'll get my scrap room back.

New favorite scrappy tool: this Jenni Bowlin quilting star punch. Lots of fun to layer these or just arrange them in a quilt pattern.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a fabulous day!


Michelle said...

So cute Robyn! I love that punch! I am isolated in the basement. I did try seeing if my daughter wanted to trade rooms... no go.

Court said...

LOVED this and I hope you make the team!!! I haven't heard anything from We R yet (boo hoo) but I haven't given up hope yet! :)

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