Easily distracted

Betcha thought I'd be back with layouts of the two photos I posted yesterday...didn't ya? Well, you just don't know me at all! Nope, I never even got those two photos printed out before my mind was swept away by the latest hand-drawn sketch on Paper Popsicles. Here's a look:
Well, sure I could've used one of yesterday's photos for this sketch, but it just wasn't speakin' to me that way. In fact, this sketch didn't do much for me at first, and it took me a while to figure out exactly what I was going to do. But after I started playing around with it, it all came together. I finally did my first layout about my dog, Zoey. We've had her for just over a year and the poor thing has never made it into the scrapbook yet. She does have a lot to compete with, but in all fairness, she's very cute and has plenty of personality. So it was time.

I hope I did her justice.

My first attempt at this paper pleating technique. I like the way it turned out.

In case you want to read the journaling...

And a close-up of the cute puppy from the Basic Grey Junebug line. Love this guy!

Off to find the next distraction...right after I give Zoey a little scratch and a hug. Thanks for visiting!


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