Lazy Sunday

For all the productivity I had yesterday, I suppose I was bound to follow that up with a pretty non-productive day. I took my older daughter to the pool and we lazed around in the water (well, she swam...I lazed) for a good three hours. Then we hit the Sonic Happy Hour on the way home and took a nice, long nap. I love days like this, but I can't help but feel a little guilty that I didn't accomplish a little bit more.

So no layouts finished today, but I do have one that I submitted for a Guest Design spot a few weeks ago. It wasn't picked (wahnt-wahnt-wahhhh), but that's life and I still love this layout. It's from a birthday party my daughter went to last fall. The pics were fabulous and it look me a long time to figure out exactly how I could do them justice on a layout.

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