Two is better than one

Among the many things I've learned about myself this summer is this little conundrum:

Even though my girls constantly get on each other's nerves when they're together -- including relentless taunting, the occasional fight and eardrum-piercing scream -- I like it better when they're together.

I'm not sure I can really explain it, but it seems that their personalities are almost dependent on each other to be complete. It's like one is part of the other.

Over the summer, they've visited relatives one at a time, so we've had the luxury (?) of spending time with each of them on their own. It's nice to have that time with them, but there's definitely something missing.

Yes, they're each unique and their personalities are completely different. But it's when they're together that you see those differences most clearly. They complement each other. They "complete" each other.

Tonight, Avery comes home from her week with YingYang (that's one of the grandmothers), and we'll be a complete "family of four" again. I'm sure there will be squabbles, screams and a few tears once she and Ceci are in the same room again, but it's worth it to have them back where they belong...together.

Have a great weekend!


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