The best laid plans...

Well, the weekend didn't quite go as planned.

It started on Thursday, when I noticed a little tickle in the back of my throat. "Hmmm. Better take some zinc," I thought to myself.

As it turned out, the zinc was pointless. Somewhere in the middle of the night/early morning hours, that tickle turned into a full-blown sore throat, and by Friday morning I was a miserable wreck. The Sick had set in.

Impeccable timing because:

(a) I had 27 gifts to wrap for a corporate client, due on Monday


(b) Cecily's 6th birthday party was scheduled for Saturday.

To make a long story short, I did deliver the gifts on time, and Cecily's party did go off as planned. But it wasn't easy. It was exhausting. And some things just didn't get blogging (and FRAK!) and laundry.

Hopefully, I'll get caught up this week -- if I can evict The Sick and reclaim my productivity.

Since I have no projects to share, I'll leave you with something that's equally fun: a few photos from the birthday party. It was a Polymer Party at a place called The Lab, and the kids had a blast playing with the critters and making all sorts of slime and goo.

 Avery with her old pal Einstein the Ferret

 That's a bowl full of "super-absorbents" (a.k.a. beads that feel like Jello)

 I'm not sure what I love most about this photo: the serious look on Cecily's face or the "oh. my. goodness." look on her friend Alex's face

Lesson of the day: the only thing better than slime is slime with glitter in it!

 Yes, that is a cake made out of donuts. Her request. Second year in a row.


Melissa Elsner said...

Uh oh... sounds like strep throat. Yuck! Glad your girly had a fun birthday party though. That place looks and sounds SO cool!

Court said...

Thanks for the awesome pics and MEH to The Sick! So sorry my friend! I hope you are doing well. LOVED the conversation between you and C on Facebook. I read it to my husband and we both thought it was darling. I hope our daughter gets to meet yours someday! :)

Barbara Greenberg said...

Looks like a really fun birthday party. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Mess Wright said...

I love this, Robyn. You are a super Mom!
I saw Avery yesterday and she asked me how Einstein was doing. I replied, "No major changes to his situation since you saw him on Saturday." Her response to that was, "I'm glad to hear that." So cute!

Peggy Cannon said...

Those are such adorable pictures and Cecily looks so grown up. Sorry I missed it.

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