Shaping up

Do you hate working out as much as I do? Because I pretty much loathe it with every fiber of my soul. Yeah, not much of a fitness fanatic. But there's a fitness program starting this month that I'm pretty excited about:

Shape Up Your Scrapbooking in Spring Training 2012

Flexing your creative there's a workout I can get into!
Training starts on April 23 and continues through May 3 in the exclusive Spring Training craftnasium. There you'll find a series of bite-sized daily "exercises" — led by five pro scrapbookers, including Nichol Magouirk and Lisa Dickinson — that are guaranteed to:
  • jumpstart your creativity and exercise your scrapbooking muscles
  • inspire you to lead a healthy and balanced crafting lifestyle
  • give you new skills to try AND remind you of important foundational principles
  • get you in tip-top scrapbooking shape just in time for (inter)National Scrapbooking Day on May 4
Sounds like fun, huh? Definitely better than the other kind of "spring training" -- you know, the one that makes you sweat like a pig and feel like a truck ran over you? Yeah, I think we should go with the Ella version. For more information, head over to Ella Publishing.

Oh, and there's a promotion code that'll save you 10%. Just enter the code SPRINGTIME at checkout.

Hope to see you in the Craftnasium on April 23! (I'll be wearing my best Olivia Newton-John sweat-bands...promise!)

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