Twine tips

If you've spent much time around this blog, you've probably noticed my affinity for baker's twine. I use it on everything from buttonholes to flower stems. Often, I combine my twine with another love: banners.

Here are a few ideas for working with twine on your projects:

1. Embrace color. The thing I love most about baker's twine is that you can get it in every color in the rainbow. Some manufacturers even sell an assortment of different colors in the same package. Using a coordinating color of twine gives that extra little "oomph" that really finishes off a project, so don't be afraid to branch out from the standard black and white or brown and white varieties. If in doubt, lay a few colors down on your project and stand back to see which one catches your eye.

2. Attach creatively. I've experimented with different adhesives, including dipping my length of twine into a wet adhesive before placing on the page. But I prefer to adhere the twine only at a few points on the page for a looser, more casual feel. Use a staple to fasten it to certain points. You can even work a couple of loops into the design. Another trick I use is rolling a glue dot between my fingers to make it really thin, then slipping it behind the twine to hold it in place.

3. Hang loose. Twine is relatively cheap compared to other scrapbook supplies, and you only use a few inches at a time. So be generous with your cuts and leave the ends a little longer. You can always trim them down, but having a little length allows them to lay freely on your project, like they're blowing in the wind.

What are some creative ways you've used twine on your projects? Leave me a link to your projects so I can check them out!

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Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Love this!!! You should enter it into the Getting Scrappy Challenge at Amanda's Crafts and More we are having a banner challenge and this would be perfect!

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