I have loved reading everyone's Facebook posts this month about what they are thankful for. I wish I'd been more on the ball and posted one of my own each day, but there's always next year, right?

With or without Facebook, the month of November always gets me thinking about the many ways we are blessed. It's overwhelming, really. I could probably write a book with all the big (and little) things in our life that I am grateful for. there's an idea.

But back to the subject at hand...

I created this layout for an Imaginisce assignment about Thanksgiving. So many ways to go on this one, but I decided to focus on the relationship between my girls. Because watching them together, I can't help but feel blessed that I have them in my life. They teach me so much about myself and the person I want to be. And they inspire me every single day.

The other reason behind this assignment is the release of the new and improved iTop tool. If you've ever used the iTop, you know how addicting it can be. But you also know that the old tool had a bit of a learning curve. Getting the brads to shape just right was tricky. You'll be happy to know that Imaginisce has fixed this with the new tool. Not only is it lighter weight and easier to hold, the rubber heads that form the brads are much stronger and better at shaping the paper, fabric or whatever else you're using to cover the brad. Even the small brads that used to give me fits are a breeze with the new tool.

One of the things I've always loved about the iTop is that you can add texture to your layouts by covering brads with fabric or other materials. I used a scrap of Heather Bailey fabric and some bleached burlap to cover some small brad daddies and they became the tops of the banner. 

 Using brads makes it easy to wrap twine around each one to connect the pieces of the banner.

If the new iTop is on your holiday wish list, check out the deal at Oh My Crafts on the iTop Bundle. It's a great deal on a tool you will reach for over and over!

And now I'm off to pack for our Thanksgiving trek to the lake cabin. Many blessings to you and your family this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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