Fickle girl

Sometimes I complete a project and think: this is it. This will be my favorite project that I ever do. From now on. I will never make anything I love as much as this.

Then a few weeks go by. Or a month.

All that time, I'm creating new things. But nothing I love as much as "the one." It sits on my shelf. I give it adoring glances as I walk by.

But then it happens. I make something, and all of a sudden, "the one" becomes a little less perfect. Because I've fallen in love with my latest creation.

Does that make me fickle?

I created this mini album as a fundraiser class for my daughters' school. And for about a month, it was "the one."

I love the red, black and cream color combo. I love that it combines all different kinds of textures -- paper, transparent overlays, ribbon, canvas, lace -- just like a family combines all types of personalities. (ooooh, that's a deep thought)

I love that it has all my favorite family photos, converted to black and white.

I love that I tried new things -- like stamping on a glassine bag and die-cutting overlays.

 I love that I found a perfect use for the awesome red washi tape I've been hoarding.

And I love that it will raise money for a cause that's really near and dear to my heart -- my girls' beautiful school in Old East Dallas.

The class will be January 26 at my home, so the spots are extremely limited. However, if you're interested in making this album and enjoying some girl time on a Thursday evening (and you're in the Dallas area), drop me an email. The class is $30 and the entire amount goes to support a great neighborhood school. (If you're not in the Dallas area, I'll be selling any remaining kits after the class in January.)

But you know what's coming, right? Yes, as much as I love this little book, I've moved on. There's a new project that's captured my heart.

I'll be sharing it on Thursday...

(how's that for a tease?)

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Nitasha said...

This is gorgeous! I live in DFW and I'm thinking I need to take your class! Wow! Can't wait to see what your new love is...

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