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So in a few short weeks, Thanksgiving will be here. And for us, that means a trip north to our lake cabin. (Or as Avery calls it, "The Cabinet.") My in-laws come and stay there with us, and my Dad and stepmom live on the adjoining lot, so it's the one time of year that almost every member of our family -- both my side and Adam's side -- are all together in the same house.

I think this year will be our sixth Thanksgiving at the cabin, and that's significant because, for both of my kids (ages 7 and 5), every Thanksgiving they can remember was spent there.

Of course, there are other traditions that happen during our annual trip to the cabin -- traditions within the tradition -- and I finally got around to documenting one of them.

I used patterned paper and garland flags from the Apple Cider collection from Pretty Little Studio to add some color. (The only downside of visiting the cabin so late in the year is that we miss the leaves changing color. But on the upside, it also means it's usually cool enough to build a fire in the woodburning stove!)

Have you noticed that I use bakers twine on everything lately? I'm in love with the stuff. I can't help it.

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adele holcomb said...

What a wonderful tradition! Have a great Thanksgiving.

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